C60 xH20 xe C60Hx xOHcathode

Although these electrodes are not fully rechargeable, they might be useful not only in energy storage cells but also in high energy density primary batteries. Before these electrodes are useful for practical applications, difficulties with battery reversibility and with the physical stability of the electrode will have to be overcome. Other studies report the production of CMH36 by Birch reduction (see §10.4) and of C60H60 by catalytic hydrogénation under high pressure [20.110].

20.4.2. C60 Electrodes for Secondary Batteries

Important factors in the performance of C60 and C60 composites as electrode materials for secondary batteries are the charging and discharging capacities of the battery at a constant current density. Figure 20.20 shows the results of the charging and discharging capacity of a C60-Ag electrode (15% C60 by volume) at several charge-discharge current densities. During

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