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Fig. 18.1. Measured magnetic susceptibility of Cm (in units of 10"6 emu/g) as a function of temperature. After subtracting the contribution from the capsule, a high-temperature value Xg = -0.35 x 10"6 emu/g is found for C60 [18.8], where A(r) is the vector potential, and Vy is a vector along the bond connecting lattice vectors R, and R; with vtJ having a magnitude related to the bond strength. The total current in the ij bond is found by summing J(j + Jj; to yield a real value for this observable.

The results of the detailed calculation for C60 are shown in Fig. 18.2, where it is seen that the electron ring current in a hexagonal ring is diaTable 18.1

Diamagnetic susceptibility for fullerenes and related materials.


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