"For anisotropic properties, the in-plane (aft plane or a-axis) value is given on the left and the c-axis value on the right.

''Measurements at room temperature (300 K).

^Highest reported thermal conductivity values are listed.

dIn-plane elastic constant is Cn and c-axis value is C33. Other elastic constants for graphite are C12 = 180, C13 = 15, C44 = 4.5 GPa.

€For diamond, there are three elastic constants, Cn = 1040, Cn = 170, C44 = 550 GPa.

f A scale based on values from 0 to 10, where 10 is the hardest material (diamond) and 1 is talc [2.8],

8A negative band gap implies a band overlap, i.e., semimetallic behavior.

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