1557', 1559.0"% 1565'

"Various models are given in Table 11.2. In this table only the IR and Raman experiments give information regarding symmetry assignments. The experimental peaks from other techniques have been assigned based on their proximity to the model predictions. Not all peaks reported in the various experimental references are listed in this table because some of the experimental features are identified with overtone and combination modes (see Table 11.6); 'NIS [11.84]; cRaman (first order) [11.81]; "IR (first and higher order) [11.21]; 'Raman (first and higher order) [11.20]; 'PL [11.14]; MR (first order) [11.82]; "NIS [11.83]; 'IR absorption spectrum [11.81]; 'HREELS [11.85]; 'NIS [11.86]; 'HREELS [11.87],

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