Fig. 13.38. Ellipsometrically derived values of e,(aj) and e2(w) for C70 on Si (100) (+ + +) and C70 on Suprasil (o o o) as a function of photon energy. The solid curves are calculated according to Eq. (13.14) for the parameters listed in Table 13.9 [13.179], by Ren et al. [13.179] using a combination of variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometry (VASE) and near-normal incidence reflection/transmission (SklST) optical techniques. The data are shown in Fig. 13.38 for the real e,(co) and imaginary e2((o) parts of the dielectric function in the range 1.0-5.8 eV for films vacuum-deposited on either room temperature Si (100) (+ ++) or on Suprasil quartz (o o o) substrates. The arrows on the horizontal axis indicate the position of Lorentz oscillators used to fit the dielectric function [see Eq. (13.14)]. Values for the oscillator parameters are given in Table 13.9 and ecore = 1.67.

Table 13.9

Lorentz oscillator parameters for e(a>) for <V [13.179].

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