Fig. 11.31. Unpolarized room temperature Raman spectra (resolution ~6 cm"1) for (a) Qo and MsQo and (b) C,0 and M6C70 (M = K, Rb, Cs) thin films on Si (100). The insets in

(a) and (b) are models for the CM and C70 molecules, respectively. The solid lines between the Qo and K^Q, spectra in (a) [or the C,0 and K^C,,, spectra in (b)] indicate schematically the charge transfer-induced frequency shifts due to the M dopant. As a guide to the eye, a portion of the K^C^ spectrum (uj > 1100 cm1) in (b) is replotted with an increased frequency of 50 cm-1 so that the correspondence between the tangential mode frequencies in pristine C70 and in K6C70 can be noted [11.19, 154], The symbols over the features in the trace for C^

(b) are identified in Ref. 11.154.

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