Fig. 18.5. Plot of \/x vs. T for TDAE-C«, (closed circles) and TDAE-C70 (open circles) from (a) 0-300 K of relevance to the Curie-Weiss fitting of the data, and (b) 0-40 K for showing the phase transition in TDAE-C^ and its absence in TDAE-C70 [18.49],

From plots of x(T) vs. 1 /T in the paramagnetic regime, a Curie-Weiss temperature of ^ = —22.5 K was initially deduced [18.46], but because of deviations of the experimental points from the Curie-Weiss law (see Fig. 18.5), values in the range 0 > 0CW > -58 K have been reported [18.33,36,49,51], though all reports give a negative or zero value for 0CW. Corresponding to the fit of the susceptibility data to 0CW = —58 K is the value of 3.1 x 10"4 emu K/g for the Curie-Weiss constant Ccw [18.49]

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