Fig. 13.6. (a) Photoluminescence (PL) and optical absorption (OA) spectra of Cm in 6.6 x 10"6 molar methylcyclohexane (MCH) solution (features labeled M, for the PL spectra and M,< for the OA spectra). The PL spectra were taken with 330 nm (top) and 460 nm (bottom) excitation, respectively, (b) PL (features labeled F,) and OA (features labeled Fj,) spectra at 80 K for oxygen-free pristine ~4500 A thick Cg, films on a Suprasil (fused silica) substrate. The PL excitation wavelength was 488 nm at ~ 0.06 W/cm2 [13.15], The upper curve is the 10 K PL spectrum of Cm single crystal (features labeled C,) taken from Guss et al. [13.28],

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