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where <u7 and il; refer to the bare (pristine) and renormalized (doped C60) mode frequencies, respectively. Values for ilp AS; for the four IR-active modes are given in Table 11.7 for Rb3C60 and Rb6C60 and for undoped C60 for comparison [11.124],

Optical transmission studies of saturation-doped (x = 6) K^Qo films on salt substrates [11.127] show a large (~ 102) doping-induced enhancement in the oscillator strength of two of the four Flu-derived modes (co2, w4). Rice and Choi [11.123] pointed out the possibility that this enhancement

Table 11.7

Experimentally determined IR-active frequencies fly for CW1, Rb,CM, and RbjQo, their full width at half-maximum (FWHM) linewidths Ty (in cm-1), the relative integrated oscillator intensities 5Rel(Wj), and the electron-molecular vibration coupling constants A ■ (see text) for each of the four IR-active modes [11.124].

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