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"US = United States patent; JP = Japanese; FR = French; DE = German; WO International patent application; EP = European patent application.

ing blocks for new chemicals will be a very important future application. Rechargeable batteries may turn out to be another promising application, due to the fact that reversible attachment of hydrogen to C60 could provide a charge storage per unit mass that is better than current metal hydride battery technology [20.150]. Somewhat similar considerations apply to hydrogen storage, perhaps for vehicle propulsion. Use of fullerenes for conversion to other solid products, such as diamond or SiC, may be of value in the future. As a component of solid fuel rocket propellant, fullerenes or fullerene soot may have practical advantages. Fullerenes as optical limiters and as a component in chromatography columns appear to be small-scale applications already under consideration [20.150].

One of the largest impediments to the large-scale commercialization of fullerenes is their relatively high cost. Although the price has come down from about $1000-$2500 per gram for mixed fullerenes in 1990 to less than $100 per gram for 99% pure C60 today, this is still prohibitively expensive for most commercial applications (e.g., batteries). This cost is bound to decrease further, however, since new methods of synthesis, production, purification, separation, processing, and deposition of various fullerenes and their numerous compounds are constantly being discovered.4 Recently, a joint venture company, Fullerene Technologies Inc., was formed by Mitsubishi and MER (Tucson, Arizona) to explore the commercialization of fullerene-based batteries and hydrogen-storage devices. This joint venture announced plans for a plant having a fullerene production capacity of a few tons per day [20.151], Other companies known to be actively working and/or publishing on fullerene applications include such giants as Exxon (fullerene precursors), duPont (fullerene-based compounds), Xerox (fullerene inks, toners, developers, and photoreceptors), SRI (fullerene catalysts, electronics, and fibers), NEC (fullerene-based polymers), and AT&T (fullerene photoconductors, superconductors, and photolithography) [20.152,153],


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