Diamond has superior physical properties such as high hardness, high wear and corrosion resistance, unique optical properties, chemical inertness, good biocompatibility. Diamond also can be chemically functionalized. Hence, diamond can be applied in a lot of biological fields such as immobilization of proteins for purification and separation or applied in MALDI analysis, biomarker, biolabeling or biochips, electrochemical application for neurotransmitter, biomedical field including implant, cutting tool.

There are still some factors that limit the application of diamond. First, by now, the size of detonation ND is limited to 2-100 nm. If the size of ND can be made even small, in future, it is possible for ND to be delivered into cells by membrane transduc-tion instead of endocytosis through certain chemical modifications such as making ND amphiphilic. This will improve dramatically the efficiency of ND as a potential drug delivery tool. Second, the adhesive effect between materials and coated diamond film need to be improved. Finally, the cytotoxicity of ND need to be further investigated, especially the long-term effects on cell or an animal.

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