Diamond As Quantum Computer

The trend of human civilization has been to provide the comfort of living conditions. Thus, brick buildings have replaced wooden shelters; and polymeric clothes have replaced animal hides. Moreover, the Earth seemed shrunk in size due to the quickened pace of technical advancements. Therefore, automobiles have shortened the distance of travel and Internets have closed the gap of communications. However, the most startling of innovations will be the man-made evolution toward the construction of supermen. For examples, nanotechnology (e.g. NEM) may boost the functionality of the human body, and gene engineering (e.g. DNA enrichment) can cultivate post-Homo sapiens species.

In the diamond age of human civilization, not only diamond semiconductors are prevailing computation tools with routine speeds reaching teraflops in a single chip, but also quantum computing based on quantum bits (qubits) supported by rigid diamond lattice may even obsolete digital computers altogether (Fig. 2.12). Diamond has the most stable lattice of all materials, consequently, it can provide the quantum-computing environment that is isolated totally from thermal and optical interference of the external world, at least in a brief moment to allow the completion of computation.

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