Diamond has the most extreme properties of all materials. Among them are superhard tribological properties and wear resistance, super fast thermal conductivity and acoustic transmission, super inert chemical properties and corrosion resistance. DLC retains major properties of diamond and it is applicable as coating materials for most substrates. DLC has been used widely in industry including hard drives coating for computers, razor blades coating for consumables, and artificial joints coating for biomaterials. DLC can be doped with none carbon elements for improvements of adherence at the expense of hardness. Hydrogenated DLC is typically used for this purpose, but fluorinated DLC can further enhance the bonding strength to the substrate. Moreover, F-DLC combines the superlative properties of diamond and teflon

Diamond Nanotechnology: Synthesis and Applications by James C Sung & Jianping Lin

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becomes the most suitable coating material for tribological applications with super slippery and super hydrophobic attributes.

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