The Ultimate Storage Medium

The octahedral (111) face of diamond is the tightest atomic plane (2.71 atoms/nm2) possible of all materials, including other faces of diamond. Moreover, it can be the smoothest surface achievable (Ra = 0.04 nm). Figure 10.14 shows the atomic configuration of (111) face of a diamond lattice.

Diamond atoms are very small, but fluorine atoms are even smaller. On the other hand, hydrogen atoms are the smallest of all elements. The atoms of fluorine and hydrogen may be attached to the extreme smooth diamond's (111) face to exhibit opposite polarities, viz. negative for electron shrouded fluorine atoms and positive for proton exposed hydrogen atoms. Such polarities are very stable, up to 400°C, so it can be the robust storage of bit information

(0 for fluorine and 1 for hydrogen) for computer CPU. A single walled carbon nano tube (SWNT) can be used to traverse the surface. SWNT is flexible and conductive, it can detect the polarity of attached atoms. Such a device can be the densest storage medium ever invented (Sung, 2006). Figure 10.15 shows schematically the reading of an atomic storage plane based on diamond's surface.

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