Dopant An anionic additive incorporated into the matrix of an inherently conducting polymer to provide electrostatic neutrality to the cationic charges on the polymer backbone and to modulate the electrical properties of the polymer. Emeraldine (salt or base) The half oxidized state of polyaniline. When protonated as the salt polyaniline is conducting. As the base the polymer is an insulator or poorly conducting.

Inherently conducting polymer A polymeric material which conducts and electrical current by means of its electronic structure, namely via w-bond conjugation along the polymer backbone, and has no other conducting fillers added. Conductivity can be modulated by the addition of dopant anions to the polymer matrix and controlling the polymer oxidation level.

Leucoemaraldine (base) The fully reduced and insulating form of polyaniline.

Monomer A single repeat unit within a polymer chain structure.

Pernigraniline (salt or base) The fully oxidized and non conducting form of polyaniline.

Polyelectrolyte A polymer which has either anionic or cationic functionality attached directly to or a as a part of the monomer repeat unit. Anionic or cationic character can be controlled by the number of repeat units, with these functionalities, incorporated into the polyelectrolyte structure. Polymerization The process whereby single monomer units are reacted to form a larger continuous molecular chain structure.

Redox Reduction (electron loss) and oxidation (electron gain) processes.

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