where V = 4^R3¿0 (¿2 — 1)/3 is the volume of the spheroidal box and s is the total ground state energy of the atom. The results obtained for pressure are displayed in Figure 39 for R = 0.1, 0.5, and 1.0 Bohr as a function of V; they are also compared with the results of [105].

Following Ley-Koo and Flores-Flores, we used an adapted expression for the polarizability of atoms to molecules [117-119]; then the parallel and perpendicular components of the polarizability are given by

«II - «« = ¿— {z)f) = Z6 ^) — <Z)2 ]2 (206)

Due to the asymmetric position of the nucleus and the asymmetric distribution of electrons inside the confinement box, the atom has an electric dipole moment, which is given by the expectation value of the electron position plus the nucleus contribution; that is, d — —RZêz — ( fi fi -—[ZR + 2(z)]êz (2G8)

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