Figure 9. Temperature cycling characteristics of Li-doped multiwall nanotubes in an H2/Ar gas mixture with dry air added to the input gas stream. The solid curve shows the cycling behavior in H2/Ar with additional N2; the N2 by itself has essentially no effect on the cycling characteristic compared with that in H2/Ar alone. The first cycle (dash-dot curve) and second cycle (dashed curve) after introducing 0.5 sccm of dry air to the input gas trace the evolution of greatly enhanced cycling magnitude. Reprinted with permission from [66], F. E. Pinkerton et al., J. Phys. Chem. B 104, 9460 (2000). © 2000, American Chemical Society.

range of temperatures was used to measure the hydrogen uptake and release. Unfortunately, no samples and experimental details were revealed in this study [67].

2.4. Electrochemical Hydrogen Storage

Table 2 summarizes reported experimental results thus far achieved for electrochemical hydrogen storage in carbon nanotubes. The electrochemical hydrogen storage capacity

Table 2. Summary of the reported electrochemical H2 storage capacity in carbon nanotubes.



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