B is a constant. The series appears suitable for numerical computation for large r [93]. However, they are not suitable for r0 if it is small. In order to get exact value at small r0, we find a solution of uniformly convergent Taylor series in the region r0 < r < Rp, where Rp is a proper point (e.g., Rp > 2a*B) for using Eq. (151). For the sake of using the matching conditions at r = Rp to obtain the eigenenergy equation, it is written as to to ft(l\r) = C £ cn(r - Rp)n + D £ dn(r - Rp)n (154)

the wavefunctions of an electron with well-defined values of the orbital (l) and magnetic (m) quantum numbers in a spherical symmetric potential, which is the quantum well and Coulomb potential, are written in the form

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