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Figure 2 a) A molecular dynamics simulation was used to create a schematic image of polymer nano- and macro-scale particles generated from the submicron liquid droplets experiment. The solvent molecules (typically H20 and THF in the experiment, not considered in the simulation) are streaming away as the polymer molecules are left behind collapsing into a nano or micrometer particle. Within the experimental time scale, the solvent evaporation was completed before the particles collected on a substrate. b) Bright field image (Inverted grayscale) of 2 im diameter of PE particles.

each atom in the system as a function oftime by integrating Hamilton's equations ofmotion using the molecular Hamiltonian written in Cartesian coordinates. A classical molecular Hamiltonian for a polymer system can be written in terms ofthe kinetic and potential energy ofthe system where N is a total number of atoms and pj is the Cartesian momentum ofthe /thatom. The r,g and x are the internal coordinates for the interatomic distance, the bending angle between three consecutive atoms, and the torsionalangle between four consecutive atoms, respectively. For the two-bodybonded lengths and the three-body bending angles, simple harmonic potential functions are used,

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