The author wishes to acknowledge his co-workers at Oak Ridge (H. D. Cochran, J. D. Londono, and Y. B. Melnichenko) and at the Universities ofNorth Carolina ( D. E. Betts, D. A. Canelas, J. M. DeSimone, J. B. McClain, E. T. Samulski), Palermo (R. Triolo, F. Triolo), Tennessee (R. Dharmapurikar, K. D. Heath, S. Salaniwal), Maine (E. Kiran) and also at the Max Planck Institutut für Polymerforschung (M. Stamm), with whom he has collaborated in many of the studies cited. The research at Oak Ridge was supported by the Divisions of Advanced Energy Projects, Materials and Chemical Sciences, U. S. Department of Energy under contract No. DE-AC05-960R22464 with Lockheed Martin Energy Research Corporation.


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POLYMER SOLUTIONS AT HIGH PRESSURES: Pressure-Induced Miscibility and Phase Separation in Near-critical and Supercritical Fluids

Erdogan Kiran, Ke Liu and Zeynep Bayraktar

Department of Chemical Engineering Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Blacksburg, Virginia 24061

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