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Scattering angle (degrees)

Figure 1 Experimental and calculated 1-dimensional Franhofer diffraction patterns from electrodynamically levitated polyethylene oxide (PEO) particles produced in situ with an on-demand droplet generator. The PEO weight fractionsin water were 3,2.5 and 1% for a, b, and c respectively. The refractive index (1.461 ± 0.001) determined from the data analysis is in good agreement with the refractive index ofbulk (10Kmolecular weight) PEO.

for constructing particles that are as similar as possible to the experimentally created polymer particles. We have examined a variety ofPE nano-scale particles, allowing the systematic study ofsize-dependent physical properties ofthese particles.6-9 The models have been well tested and shown to provide realistic representation of the structure and vibrational spectroscopy of a number of polymer systems.10

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