Computational Polymer Science

The Compatibilization of Polymer Blends with Linear Copolymers: Comparison between Simulation and Experiment 69

M.D. Dadmun

Nanoscale Optical Probes of Polymer Dynamics in Ultrasmall Volumes 79

M.D. Barnes, J.V. Ford, K. Fukui, B.G. Sumpter, D.W. Noid and J.U. Otaigbe

Molecular Simulation and Modeling of the Structure and Properties of Polymer

Nanoparticles 93

Theory of the Production and Properties of PolymerNanoparticles: Quantum Drops 107

K. Runge, K. Fukui, M. A. Akerman, M.D. Barnes, B.G. Sumpter and D.W.


Simulations of Thin Films and Fibers of Amorphous Polymers 117

V. Vao-soongnern, P. Dorukerand W.L. Mattice

Identifying and Designing of Calcium Binding Sites in Proteins by Computational

Algorithm 127

W. Yang, H.-W. Lee, M. Pu, H. Hellinga and J.J. Yang

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