Reactive Powder Concrete RPC

A process for synthesis of cement with nano-scale particle sizes has recently been developed. It is demonstrated that nanocements with nano-scale particle sizes and varying phase compositions can be tailored. Addition of nano-cement in reactive powder concrete (RPC) systems has the potential to further enhance the properties of an already optimized system. The replacement of a small fraction of the conventional cement with these nano-cements causes faster cement hydration reaction and reduces the induction period [Dham et al. 2010]. The additional benefit of addition of nanocement is creating denser microstructure which causes higher compressive and tensile strength. Reduction in permeability through the improvement of ITZ is expected to be a potential merit of nanocement addition in RPC. The improvement in strength was not accompanied by an increase of elastic modulus. Further research is needed to analyze the effect of nanocement addition on the long term durability of the RPC systems.

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