Accelerating Convergence of Nanotechnology Biotechnology and Information Technology

Larry Todd Wilson, IEEE

My goal is to focus on a single NBIC-oriented idea that, if actualized, would unleash massive capabilities for improving all human performances. This single thing would have extreme interrelated, multiplicative effects. It's a bit like an explosion that starts consequential, far-reaching chain reactions. Furthermore, the one thing should accelerate and strengthen all other biotech ideas and fulfill a self-referential quality for advancing itself. It is difficult to negate the notion that some ideas, actions, or objects are more important than others. This perspective is characterized by statements like, "This is what should come first because if we had that ability or understanding, then we could (achieve these results)... and if we had those results, then we could actualize..."

The "One Thing"is, Nullify the constraints associated with a human's inherent ability to assimilate information.

Why should this receive favorable positioning? Advances in thinking performances are more important than advances in artifacts. This is due to the fact that the advances in artifacts are always a function of the human thinking system. The dynamics of innovation must be managed by human consciousness before it is "externally" managed at all. There are many naturally occurring phenomena that are not apparent to the senses or the imagination. However, a technology does not become a technology until it enters the realm of human consciousness.

Examples below deliver "as-is" versus "could be" explanations of the importance of enhancing how we assimilate information. From the examples, it is not difficult to imagine the transformations that may result due to the ripple effects. Overall, the focus on ways to enhance how humans assimilate information will result in significant increases in a human's ability to approach a complex need, achieve comprehension, and accomplish an intended result. Increased ability equates to gaining faster comprehension, better comprehension, comprehension in a situation that previously was unfathomable, faster solutions, and better solutions, and finding solutions to problems that seemed unsolvable.

Assimilating information is a kind of human intellectual performance. There are three and only three types of human performance that could be the focus of improvement:

• intellectual performances (such as thinking, deciding, learning, and remembering)

• physical performances (such as moving, reaching, and lifting)

• emotional performances (feeling)

All human experiences are variations of one of more of these three.

Candidates of the "best thing" could be evaluated according to either criteria or questions like these:

• Is this idea/action/object fundamental to all dimensions and expressions of human performance (thinking, feeling, and moving)?

• Does this thing have a multiplicative nature in regards to all other biotech ideas, actions, and objects? Does this one thing produce fission-oriented and fusion-oriented results? Does its presence cause a reaction that in turn creates energy associated with pragmatic NBIC inventions and discoveries?

• A priori, does it have validity on its face? Does a listener agree that this one thing will indeed impact everything else?

• A posteriori, does it have perceptible, significant advances in several other areas? Did this one thing deliver a high return on investment? How do we know? What is measured? Does its presence actually increase the rate of all biotech inventions and discoveries?

Table B.1

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