Advanced Military Education and Training

James Murday, Naval Research Laboratory

The U.S. military annually inducts 200 thousand new people, 8 percent of its person power. Further, the anticipated personnel attrition during warfare requires extensive cross-training. With public pressure to reduce casualties, there is increasing utilization of high technology by the military. Warfighters must be trained in its use, recognizing that the education level of the average warfighter is high school. These circumstances present the military with an education and training challenge that is exacerbated by the fact that personnel are frequently in remote locations — onboard ship or at overseas bases — remote from traditional education resources. The entirety of K-12 education in the United States has similar problems, so any program that successfully addresses military training needs will certainly provide tools to enhance K-12 education as well.

The convergence of nano-, bio-, info- and cognitive technologies will enable the development of a highly effective teacher's aide — an inexpensive (~$100) virtual learning center that customizes its learning modes (audio, visual, and tactile) to individuals and immerses them into a custom environment best suited for their rapid acquisition of knowledge.

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