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Figure C.10. The neurovascular approach. A. Present day procedure utilized to guide catheters to the brain via the vascular system. Catheters are introduced into femoral, subclavial, or carotid artery. B. The general electronic design includes n-electrodes (diameter of 0.5 micron and length not more than 3 cm) to record/stimulate neuronal activity; Amplifier-Binary Converter (ABC) block that converts acquired analog signals into binary form; Multiplex (M) unit that transforms analog input into serial form by fast switching between all signals; and microwire (approx. 1 m long) that conveys information to the terminal. (Only one logic set is shown.)

Figure C.11. Illustration of comparative size scales for a neuron, a capillary, and an n-wire. A. Purkinje cell with dendritic tree penetrated by many capillaries foramen. h. B. Elentronmicrograph of a corresponding site in the dendritic as shown in h with a 1p electrode (spot) drawn inside a capillary.

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