Continuous Assisted Performance CAP

The goal of this program is to discover new pharmacologic and training approaches that will lead to an extension in the individual warfighter's cognitive performance capability by at least 96 hours and potentially for more than 168 hours without sleep. The capability to resist the mental and physiological effects of sleep deprivation will fundamentally change current military concepts of "operational tempo" and contemporary orders of battle for the military services.

The program will develop a number of different pharmacologic approaches using animal models (Fig. E. 11) to prevent the effects of sleep deprivation over an extended period of time, nominally set at up to 7 days. At the end of the program, we expect several candidate drugs that alone, or in

EEG Patterns

Dolphin testing for vigilance and cognitive ability on each side of the brain under continuous performance testing

Figure E.11. Develop multifaceted approaches to prevent the degradation of cognitive performance caused by sleep deprivation in order to extend personnel "duty cycle."

combination, extend the performance envelope. Dolphin On Station

Light Stimuli Set-Up LI R1

Light Stimulus

Light Stimulus

A minimum of four different approaches will be the core of the CAP program:

1. Prevent the fundamental changes in receptor systems of the information input circuits caused by sleep deprivation.

viii) Discover the system that causes a reset of the network during sleep and develop a drug that activates this process in the absence of sleep.

ix) Stimulate the normal neurogenesis process that is part of learning and memory, thereby increasing the reserve capacity of the memory circuits.

x) Determine if individuals resistant to sleep deprivation use a different strategy in solving problems and, if so, then develop a training approach that makes this possible for everyone.

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