The Communicator system will incorporate each of the four NBIC technologies:

• Nanotechnology will be required to produce high-speed computational capabilities, wearable components that consume little energy, and pervasive sensors.

• Biotechnology will be fundamental to the interfaces, to monitoring the physical status of participants, and to the general design of human-friendly technologies.

• Information technology will be responsible for data management and transmission, translation across modalities and languages, and development of avatars and intelligent agents.

• Cognitive science will provide the understanding of effective learning styles, methods for elimination of biases, and the directions in which to search for common values and ideas that will be the foundation of a new form of social cooperation.

Some elements of The Communicator can be created today, but the full system will require aggressive research across all four of the convergent NBIC fields. Implementation of the entire vision will require an effort spanning one or two decades, but the payoff will be nothing less than increased prosperity, creativity, and social harmony.

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