Converging Technologies For Improving Human Performance

June 2002

National Science Foundation Department of Commerce

The National Science Foundation (NSF) and the Department of Commerce (DOC) organized a workshop on December 3-4, 2001. This report incorporates the views expressed at the workshop of leading experts from government, academia, and private sector, and detailed in contributions submitted thereafter by members of the U.S. science and engineering community.


The contribution of all participants in this study in developing a coherent vision for Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance is acknowledged. The initial group that began planning this study in Spring 2001 is composed W.S. Bainbridge (National Science Foundation), J. Canton (Institute for Global Futures), M.C. Roco (National Science Foundation), R.S. Williams (Hewlett Packard) and G. Yonas (Sandia National Laboratories).

About the cover: The arrow suggests the combined role of nanotechnology, biotechnology, information technology in accelerating advancement of mental, physical, and overall human performance.

Logistical, Editing and Management Assistance by: World Technology Evaluation Center (WTEC), Inc.

R.D. Shelton, President G.M. Holdridge, Vice-President R. Horning P. Johnson

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