Could Be

Today, many physicists spend time translating math into English. They hunt for metaphors that can serve as a basis for enhancing comprehension of relatively imperceptible physical phenomena.

Integrate mathematics, verbal, and visual languages in order to allow individuals to traverse the explanation space.

Aid the acceleration of new ways for more people to abandon their intuitive (perhaps innate) mode of sensory perception associated with the macro world.

Achieve integration (and concise translation) between our symbol sets (math, verbal, and visual) and open up the chance to address more, apparently paradoxical, phenomena. The assumption is that many of these paradoxes are just illusions created when you look at an n-dimensional problem through a three-dimensional window.

Linguistic-based messages, which plod along the user's tolerance for listening, govern the rate of assimilation.

Establish the path more directly because all forms of intelligence, whether of sound or sight, have been reduced to the form of varying currents in an electric circuit.

Imaging modalities don't offer a concise way of observing the dynamics of how we assimilate information. PETs are more accurate in space, and EEGs are more accurate in time. EEGs can capture events on the scale of milliseconds, but they're only accurate to within centimeters. Scans are like slow motion — a thousand times slower — but they're accurate to the millionth of an inch.

Extend the visual languages to the actual visualization of localized neuronal activity.

Understand the spatial-temporal nature of assimilation with a realtime movie stage where we watch thoughts as they gather and flow through the brain.

Understand how the human perception of mind arises from the brain. Formalize in neural network models operating on traditional hardware. Thus, intelligences akin to humans will reside in the Internet. These intelligences, not being physically limited, will merge and transform themselves in novel ways. The notion of discrete intelligence will disappear.

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