Economic Readiness and Convergent Technology Key Policy Questions

It could be argued that a nation's technological innovations shape the destiny of that nation. They certainly shape the security, economics, and social well-being of nations. The economic prosperity of the modern nation state cannot be de-linked from technological adaptation and leadership. But there are other less well-defined issues that we should consider in a global realtime market shaped by convergent technology. Here are some of the arenas yet to be addressed:

7. How can we use the Internet to encourage the high-level knowledge exchange and collaborative work required by convergent technology?

xli) What knowledge management resources and large-scale efforts might be mission-essential to facilitating the work with convergent technology?

xlii) How should private and public sectors work together to facilitate change and adaptation to convergent technology?

xliii) What new business and economic models might we foster to better enhance productivity in convergent technology?

xliv) How might we best prepare the nation to compete in a global marketplace shaped by convergent technology?

xlv) How might we rethink social policy given the future impact of convergent technology?

xlvi) What are the best ways to raise private sector awareness and support for convergent technologies initiatives?

xlvii) Given the emergence of convergent technology, how might we rethink a more holistic interscience model to better increase our understanding and enhance human performance?

xlviii) How do we define human performance and enhanced human performance given convergent technologies?

xlix) What is the basis for formulating a national convergent technology initiative to foster private sector and government collaboration, increase citizens' awareness, and coordinate and conduct R&D?

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