Estimated Implications

If the vision is fulfilled (and nothing indicates that the vision is not feasible), we should see a drop in unemployment of disabled people. A Canadian survey found the following three accommodations are most often identified by people with disabilities not in the labor force as being necessary for them to work: (1) modified/reduced hours (33%); (2) job redesign (27%); and (3) accessible transportation (14%). The above NBICS vision should help with the elimination of these three obstacles.

If the vision is fulfilled, we also should see an increase in the level of education and knowledge of disabled people (which in itself should translate into higher employment numbers). Higher levels of knowledge and employment would lead to higher income, and that would lead to better health. Thus, NBICS would lead to better integration of disabled people into society, making them more mobile and increasing their self-esteem. The disabled, including many elderly people, will feel less isolated and will participate more in society, which will lead to many other effects, including increased well-being.

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