Unifying Science And Education321

Theme F Summary

Panel: D.L. Akins, Y. Bar-Yam, J.G. Batterson, A.H. Cohen, M.E. Gorman,

M. Heller, J. Klein-Seetharaman, A T. Pope, M.C. Roco, R. Reddy, W. Tolles, R.S. Williams, D. Zolandz 321


Combining the Social and the Nanotech: A Model for Converging Technologies

Breadth, Depth and Academic Nano-Niches (W. Tolles) 330

Unifying Principles in Complex Systems (Y. Bar-Yam) 335

Mind Over Matter in an Era of Convergent Technologies (D.L. Akins) 361

Converging Technology and Education for Improving Human Performance

Visionary Projects

Converging Technologies: A K-12 Education Vision (J.G. Batterson, A.T. Pope) 367

Expanding the Trading Zones for Convergent Technologies (M. Gorman) 374

Biological Language Modeling: Convergence of computational linguistics and biological chemistry (J. Klein-Seetharaman, R. Reddy) 378

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