Converging technology products for improving human physical and mental performance (new products and services, brain connectivity, sensory abilities, etc.)

Societal and business reorganization


Evolution transcending human cell, body, and brain?

A networked society of billions of human beings could be as complex compared to an individual human being as a human being is to a single nerve cell. From local groups of linked enhanced individuals to a global collective intelligence, key new capabilities would arise from relationships arising from NBIC technologies. Such a system would have distributed information and control and new patterns of manufacturing, economic activity, and education. It could be structured to enhance individuals' creativity and independence. Far from unnatural, such a collective social system may be compared to a larger form of a biological organism. Biological organisms themselves make use of many structures such as bones and circulatory system. The networked society enabled through NBIC convergence could explore new pathways in societal structures, in an increasingly complex system (Bar-Yam 1997).

It may be possible to develop a predictive science of society and to apply advanced corrective actions, based on the convergence ideas of NBIC. Human culture and human physiology may undergo rapid evolution, intertwining like the twin strands of DNA, hopefully guided by analytic science as well as traditional wisdom. As Table 3 suggests, the pace of change is accelerating, and scientific convergence may be a watershed in history to rank with the invention of agriculture and the Industrial Revolution.

Essentials of Human Physiology

Essentials of Human Physiology

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