Metabolic Engineering

The Metabolic Engineering Program seeks to develop the technological basis for controlling metabolic demands in cells, tissues, and organisms. The initial phase of the program is focusing on the successful stabilization and recovery of cells and tissues from stress states representative of military operational conditions, with specific focus on blood and blood products (Fig. E.8).

Normal clot Clot from Freeze-dried and reconstituted human platelets

Air dried and reconstituted embryonic stem cell

Figure E.8. Develop methods for controlled metabolism in cells, tissues, organs, and organisms needed by the U.S. military population.

When successful, the application of this technology to combat casualties will result in greater salvage of human life and limb from the battlefield, through the availability of cell-based therapy for hemorrhage, shock, and critical wounds. Additionally, stabilized cells and tissues will provide a stable substrate for prepositioning and large-scale manufacture of needed cellular and tissue products.

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