Nano Bio Processor

As the convergence of NBIC progresses, it will be imperative that the technology be focused on ways to help enhance human health and overall physical performance, be disseminated to a broad spectrum of the population, and be developed by a diverse group of scientists and engineers. One potential platform that will enable this would be a "bio-nano processor" for programming complex biological pathways on a chip that mimics responses of the human body and aides the development of corresponding treatments. An example would be the precise "decoration" of nanoparticles with a tailored dosage of biomolecules for the production of nanomedicines that target specific early biomarkers indicative of disease. The nanomedicine may be produced on one type of nano-bio processor and then tested on another that carries the relevant cellular mechanisms and resulting biomarker pathways. The nano-bio processor would parallel the microprocessor for electronics, such that the development of new processes, materials, and devices will not be limited to a handful of "nano specialists." With the advent of the nano-bio processor, knowledge from all fields (biologists, chemists, physicists, engineers, mathematicians) could be leveraged to enable advancements in a wide variety of applications that improve human health and enhance human capabilities.

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