Nano BioInfo Cogno as Enabling Technology for Uninhabited Combat Vehicles

Clifford Lau, Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Research

It is envisioned that in 20-30 years, when the research and development are successfully completed, nano-bio-info-cogno (NBIC) technology will enable us to replace the fighter pilot, either autonomously or with the pilot-in-the-loop, in many dangerous warfighting missions. The uninhabited air vehicle will have an artificial "brain" that can emulate a skillful fighter pilot in the performance of its missions. Tasks such as take-off, navigation, situation awareness, target identification, and safe return landing will be done autonomously, with the possible exception of person-in-the-loop for strategic and firing decisions. Removing the pilot will result in a more combat-agile aircraft with less weight and no g-force constraints, as well as reduce the risk of pilot injury or death. The fighter airplane will likely derive the greatest operational advantages, but similar benefits will accrue to uninhabited tanks, submarines, and other military platforms.

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