Nanobiotechnology and Life Extension

Patricia Connolly, University of Strathclyde

This paper concentrates on only one of the complex debates emerging due to the convergence of nano-bio-info-cogno (NBIC) and the ability to improve human performance: that is, how nanobiotechnology will affect life extension. To deal with this in a comprehensive manner, the concept of life extension will be discussed, along with a brief presentation of the major obstacles that can be defined from our current knowledge in bioscience and medicine. It is proposed that a successful strategy for the convergence of NBIC disciplines in human terms will require a holistic approach and consideration of the full pathway from the human, down through organ, cell, and molecule, analyzing where NBIC can successfully intervene in this complex cascade. Some examples are given of areas where nanobiotechnology has had, or could have, impact in the problem areas of human well-being and quality of life as they are understood today.

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