Nano Medical Research and Intervention Monitoring and Robotics

The convergence of nano-bio-info-cogno technologies will enhance the toolset for medical research and allow medical intervention and monitoring through multifunctional nanorobots. For example, a nano brain surveillance camera could be developed. Imaging tools will be enhanced by nanomarkers as anchor points for hierarchical pinpointing in the brain. A range of nano-enabled unobtrusive tools will facilitate research on cognitive activities of the brain.

Nano-enabled unobtrusive tools will be invaluable for medical intervention, for example, nanorobots accomplishing entirely new kinds of surgery or carrying out traditional surgeries far less invasively than does a surgeon's scalpel. Technological convergence will also enhance post-surgery recovery. Although open surgical procedures will probably be reduced in numbers, the need for them will not be eliminated. Each procedure induces different side effects and risk factors. For instance, open-heart surgery increases the risk for stroke several days after the operation. NBIC technologies could enable devices that monitor these risk factors and immediately notify the physician at the first indication of a precursor to the onset of post-surgery traumas.

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