Role of Converging Technologies

Nano. Nanotechnology holds the promise for relatively inexpensive, high-performance teaching aides. One can envision a virtual-reality teaching environment that is tailored to the individual's learning modes, utilizes contexts stimulating to that individual, and reduces any embarrassment over mistakes. The information exchange with the computer can be fully interactive — speech, vision, and motion. Nanodevices will be essential to store the variety of necessary information or imagery and to process that information in the millisecond timeframes necessary for realtime interaction.

Bio. Biotechnology will be important to provide feedback on the individual's state of acuity and retention.

Info. Information technology must develop the software to enable far more rapid information processing and display. Since military training must include teaming relationships, the software must ultimately accommodate interaction between multiple parties. Innovations are also needed to enable augmented-reality manuals whereby an individual might have realtime heads-up display of information that cues repair and maintenance actions.

Cogno. Effective learning must start with an understanding of the cognitive process. People have different learning modes — oral, visual, tactile. They respond to different motivators — individual versus group — and different contexts — sports for the male, social for the female, to use two stereotypes. Human memory and decision processes depend on biochemical processes; better understanding of those processes may lead to heightened states of acuity and retention.

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