Role of Converging Technologies

The suggested approach is to use the power of information technology to assemble, filter, and analyze data about the adversary. First, it will be necessary to acquire a large volume of data regarding each potential enemy organization. Data linkage among many databases would be needed, including some from open source material and others from intelligence sources. The data would include the group's characteristics, its people, funds, and the movement of each, the motivations of the people, relevant current events, significant dates, and some way of encoding the cultural perspectives of the organization. In addition to information technology, the approach also requires nanotechnology, due to the large amount of data that need to be handled and analyzed. Further, some sociological analysis (for the group) and psychological profiling would be required, as well as country and culture experts. This requires broad social science input. Understanding how the adversary analyzes and makes decisions involves modeling his cognition processes. An automated translation capability would be helpful in the data mining, since frequently there may not be enough analysts familiar with the necessary languages to keep up with the data input.

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