Role of Converging Technologies

Converging NBIC technologies will integrate the biology, chemistry, electronics, engineering, materials, and physics research communities to establish the interdisciplinary nanoscience knowledge and expertise needed to exploit nanofabrication and nanostructures in the development of

• miniaturized, intelligent sensor systems with revolutionary CBRE performance

• new high-surface-area, templated adsorbents for personnel/collective protection systems

• nanofibers for effective clothing with minimal heat loading

• catalytic materials effective against agent while relatively benign to humans and environment

• mechanisms to disrupt biological agent viability

Nanotechnology will provide innovative new hardware. Information technology will provide the effective transformation of new data into information. Biotechnology will provide new insights into human physiology and prophylaxes. Together, these three technologies can lead to effective new protection systems against the CBRE weapons of mass destruction.

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