Social Equalization

The adaptive capabilities of The Communicator would have the potential in group interactions to minimize the biases that arise from a variety of factors such as physical size and posture, gender, race, language, culture, educational background, voice tone and volume, and physical ability or disability. The result would be to maximize both individual and group performance. Examples include enhancing the performance of a poor learner, an athlete, or a soldier, and improving communication, collaboration, and productivity among people with a multitude of differences. Thus, the system would be not only a Communicator and Educator, but an Equalizer as well, enhancing human awareness, removing disabilities, empowering all members of society.

On a more f1undamental level, such a smart device could have a tremendous impact on the most disadvantaged people around the world, those who lack clean drinking water, adequate food supplies, and so on. Despite the lack of physical infrastructure like telephone cables, wireless Communicator technology could offer them the world of information in a form they can immediately use. Such knowledge will improve their agricultural production, health, nutrition, and economic status. No longer isolated from the global economic and cultural system, they will become full and valued participants.

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