Statements and Visions

Defense applications are intended for the highly competitive environments of deterrence, intelligence gathering, and lethal combat, so it is essential to be technologically as far ahead of potential opponents as possible. The United States and its closest allies represent only a small fraction of the world population, and in the asymmetrical conflicts of the early twenty-first century, even a small number of dedicated enemies can cause tremendous damage. Thus, the overview statements and future visions written by participants in the national security working group address very high-priority areas where the United States and its allies can achieve and maintain great superiority. The statements and visions cover areas from enhancing soldier performance (M. Goldblatt) and combat readiness (D.M. Etter) to future roles of NBIC for fighting terrorism (J. Murday, T. Fainberg, C. Lau) and equipment of soldiers (R. Asher, J. Murday, T. Fainberg, C. Lau).

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