Research into convergent technologies may provide insight into better productivity, enhanced human performance, and opportunities to advance the betterment of individuals. No doubt the business sector will need to be a full player in the strategies to further this approach. Better collaboration within government and between government and the private sector would be a worthwhile endeavor.

The destiny of our nation and the leadership that the United States provides to the world will be influenced by how we deal with convergent technologies and the enhancement of human performance.

Convergent technologies will be a key shaper of the future economy. This will drive GDP higher while the health, prosperity, and quality of life of individuals is improved.

A national initiative that can accelerate convergent technology collaboration and innovation while fostering better inter-agency work and public or private sector work will lead to a prosperous future. Without a strategy that enable collaboration, the development of a true systems approach, and an interscience model, future success maybe be haphazard. The future destiny of the nation as a global leader may be at risk unless a coordinated strategy is pursued to maximize the opportunity that lies inherent in convergent technologies.

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