Table C2

Some Potential Gains in Life Extension from NBIC convergence

Level of Intervention

Key Advance


Life Extension


Noninvasive diagnostics

5-10 years

Lifesaving for some conditions

Cognitive assist devices

15-20 years

Higher quality of life for several years

Targeted cancer therapies

5-10 years

Reduction in cancer deaths by up to 30%


Artificial heart

0-5 years

2-3 years awaiting transplant

Neural stimulation or cell function replacement

5-20 years

10-20 years extra if successful for neurodegenerative patients


Improved cell-materials interactions

0-15 years

Lowering of death rates on invasive surgery by 10% and extending life of surgical implants to patient's lifetime

Genetic therapies

30 years

Gains in the fight against cancer and hereditary diseases

Stem cells

Life extension of 10-20 years


Localized drug delivery

0-10 years

Extending life through efficient drug targeting

Genetic interventions

0-30 years

Life extension by targeting cell changes and aging in the fight against disease Likely to be a very complex environment to successfully manipulate

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