Table C4

Applications of the COB in multiple sectors

Academic Applications

• Research

Industrial Applications

• Drug Development

• Medical Device Development

• Tissue Engineering

• Marketing

Government Applications

• Population Epidemiology

• Disease Tracking

• Healthcare Cost Management

In order for COB data to be put to best use, considerable work will be needed to incorporate statistical methodology and robust graphical user interfaces into the COB. In some cases, the information gleaned will be so complex that new methods of visualization of data will need to be incorporated. The human mind is a powerful interpreter of graphical patterns. This may be the reason why tissue data — classically having its patterns interpreted visually by a pathologist — was the last in the continuum to be reduced to discrete digital form.

As the COB develops, we are likely to see novel data visualization methods applied in ways that cannot be envisioned at all today. In each instance, the robustness of these tools will ultimately depend on the validity of the data that was entered into the COB and on the mode of application of statistical tools to the data being analyzed.

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