Theme C Summary

J. Bonadio, L. Cauller, B. Chance, P. Connolly, E. Garcia-Rill, R. Golledge, M. Heller, P.C. Johnson, K.A. Kang, A.P. Lee, R.R. Llinas, J.M. Loomis, V. Makarov, M.A.L. Nicolelis, L. Parsons, A. Penz, A.T. Pope, J. Watson, G.

Wolbring 159


Nanobiotechnology and Life Extension (P. Connolly) 162

The Nano-Bio Connection and Its Implication for Human Performance (M. Heller) 169 Gene Therapy: Reinventing the Wheel or Useful Adjunct to Existing Paradigms?

Implications of the Continuum of Bioinformatics (P.C. Johnson) 183

Sensory replacement and sensory substitution: Overview and prospects for the future

Vision Statement: Interacting Brain (B. Chance, K.A. Kang) 199

Focusing the possibilities of Nanotechnology for Cognitive Evolution and Human

Performance (E. Garcia-Rill) 201

Science and Technology and the Triple D (Disease, Disability, Defect) (G. Wolbring) 206

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