Transforming Strategy to Reach Vision

The strategies to achieve these goals are as follows:

• Develop a program that will explore the use of electromagnetics for enhancement of human performance. This program will be multidisciplinary in orientation, utilizing

- electromagnetics as the actuation mechanism for the treatments

- biotechnology in the understanding of cellular interaction with the electromagnetic fields

- nanotechnology to help engineer solutions that may include specific site treatments released by a focused electromagnetic field

- information technology in that the pulses need to be so shaped as to cause desired interconnected cell electromagnetic responses of cognition by external fields

• Fund work towards the goal of understanding in detail the effects of electromagnetics on cellular systems and on cognition.

• Consider cellular electrochemical and structural changes and actions imposed by electromagnetics.

• Fund work towards electromagnetic and biochemical dynamical modeling of cellular systems in order to both understand electromagnetic and biochemical aspects, as well as to optimize the shape of electromagnetic pulses to impose desired cell changes without inducing side effects.

• Fund experimental basic work in understanding the effects of electromagnetics on cells. Estimated Implications

The impact on society of such a program can be great, as this might yield treatments to enhance human performance without the use of drugs and provide new exciting treatments for ailments that require site-specific treatments. A new industry can be born from this work. It may also lead to treatments that will enhance human cognition.

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