Visionary Projects

Brain-Machine Interface via a Neurovascular Approach (R. LlinĂ¢s, V. Makarov) 216

Human-Machine Interaction: Potential Impact of Nanotechology in the Design of Neuroprosthetic Devices Aimed at Restoring or Augmenting Human Performance

(M. Nicolelis) 223

Nanotechnology: The Merging of Diagnostics and Treatment (A.P. Lee) 226

Artificial Brains and Natural Intelligence (L. Cauller, A Penz) 227

Converging Technologies for Physiological Self-regulation (A.T. Pope, O. Palsson)... 231 Improving Quality of Life of Disabled People using Converging Technologies

(G. Wolbring, R. Golledge) 240


Theme D Summary

Panel: J.S. Albus, W.S. Bainbridge, J. Banfield, M. Dastoor, C.A. Murray, K. Carley, M. Hirshbein, T. Masciangioli, T. Miller, R. Norwood, R. Price, P. Rubin, J. Sargent, G. Strong, W.A. Wallace 243


Cognition, Social Interaction, Communication and Convergent Technologies

Engineering the Science of Cognition to Enhance Human Performance

Engineering of Mind for Enhancing Human Productivity (J.S. Albus) 249

Making Sense of the World: Convergent Technologies for Environmental Science

Visionary Projects

The Communicator: Enhancement of Group Communication, Efficiency and Creativity (P. Rubin, M. Hirschbein, T. Masciangioli, T. Miller, C. Murray,

R. Norwood, J. Sargent) 265

Enhanced Knowledge-Based Human Organization and Social Change (K. Carley) 270

A Vision for the Aircraft of the 21st Century

Memetics: A Potential New Science (G. Strong, W.S. Bainbridge) 279


Theme E Summary

Panel: R. Asher, D.M. Etter, T. Fainberg, M. Goldblatt, C. Lau, J. Murday, W. Tolles,

G. Yonas 287


Cognitive Readiness: An Important Research Focus for National Security

DARPA's Programs in Enhancing Human Performance (M. Goldblatt) 297

NBIC for Homeland Defense: Chemical/Biological/Radiological/Explosive (CBRE)

Detection/Protection (J. Murday) 301

Future Roles for Science and Technology in Counterterrorism (T. Fainberg) 303

Nanotechnology and the Department of Defense (C. Lau) 308

Advanced Military Education and Training (J. Murday) 309

Visionary Projects

High-performance Warfighter (J. Murday) 311

Non-Drug Treatments for Enhancement of Human Performance (R. Asher) 313

Brain-Machine Interface (R. Asher) 315

Nano-Bio-Info-Cogno as Enabling Technology for Uninhabited Combat Vehicles

Data Linkage and Threat Anticipation Tool (T. Fainberg) 318

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